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The ITB All-Audio Qbank

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Get discounted access for a limited time to the beta version of both the Preclinical (1st/2nd Year) powered by Osmosis and Lecturio as well as the the Third Year (Clerkships / Step 2) versions of the Audio Qbank. Within 48 hours, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to access the content. 

Please Note:

We're phasing out subscriptions to the beta version of the audio qbank which are less than 6 months. If you want a one month or 3 month subscription, you must sign up via this link to get instant access to the content via an ITB Premium Subscription on Podbean (unfortunately, we are unable to offer discounts via the Podbean link, however). 

The Current Audio Qbank Versions Cover:  

1st and 2nd Year (powered by Osmosis and Lecturio) has ~250 questions covering

1. Anatomy

2. Pharmacology

3. Psych and Behavioral

4. Repro

5. GI 

6. MSK/Derm

7. Neurosciences

8. Endocrine

9. Biochem

10. Immunology


3rd yearAudio Qbank (powered by OnlineMedEd)  has ~250 questions covering

1. Ob/Gyn

2. Family and Outpatient Medicine

3. General Surgery 

4. Pediatrics

5. Internal Medicine 

Psych and Neuro (September 2018) 

To learn more about our plans for the audio Qbank go to our website. For any questions or problems, send us an email to

* The production and content release schedule is somewhat behind. There's currently over 10+ hours of material in the product. And we are rapidly ramping up the production schedule. For early supporters, you'll have access to both the Clinical Edition (powered by OnlineMedEd) and the Preclinical Edition (powered by Osmosis and Lecturio) at a marked discount, while we're building our app, and trying to create the best on-the-go study experience for med school.